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Instead of watching moving pictures…

Whether as a resolution for the new year (as here) or simply because, regardless of the date, you want to make of your soul something more than a continual receptacle for the light and sound a television or computer screen emits, here, in a random order, are twenty-five things to do instead of watching TV. This a list I’ve made for myself, but maybe it’ll be fruitfully suggestive to others, too. If so, feel free to say so in the comments, or add your own suggestions!

  1. Look thoughtfully at some art
  2. Call your mother
  3. Listen to music
  4. Read to anyone who’ll listen
  5. Play the guitar, banjo, trumpet, violin, etc.
  6. Recite and memorize poetry
  7. Write letters to friends new and old or to family
  8. Sing
  9. Study a new language
  10. Read a graphic novel
  11. Write a story
  12. On purpose and right now, savor the presence, feel, and taste of one you love
  13. Read Proust
  14. Build something
  15. Sleep
  16. Study the history of your birthplace
  17. Fix a meal for someone who needs it
  18. Get off your ass and move (walk, run, swim, yoga, kettlebells, pull-ups, etc.)
  19. Draw or paint
  20. Clean your house
  21. Talk to someone (in person, video chat, phone)
  22. Do something with your children
  23. Read a biography
  24. Take a bath or shower
  25. Meditate (however broadly understood)
From my backyard, late summer.

From my backyard, late summer.

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